TINY HOUSE TOUR | Travel Vlog #1: Nashville, TN

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Hi guys! Welcome to the first video of my new travel vlog series! To kick off this vlog series, my twin sister Genna and I wanted to experience tiny living. Genna is SO into the Tiny House Movement right now and yall know I love cute tiny things, so off we went! We headed to the Music City Tiny House in Nashville, Tennessee to test drive the tiny life. This video is mostly a tour of the tiny home with some relaxed tiny living, topped with bits of Nashville sprinkled in. I know tiny houses aren’t for everyone, so I hope this gives you a little taste of what it’s like. (links below)

For those interested in renting or learning more about Music City Tiny House, check out http://www.MusicCityTinyHouse.com

Other useful Tiny House Movement links are:




I know people will ask about the toilet, so I thought I’d throw a link in here to show you what this “dry flush” spaceship toilet is like. It’s weird and would definitely require some getting used to. @[email protected]

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