Tangible Hope Project Episode 3 – Nashville, TN

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We hit the road with director/producer, Jonathan David Martin, as he crosses America to find stories about people who are making a tangible, positive impact on the world around them.
In this episode we travel to Nashville, TN to get to know the city through the eyes of local activists, nonprofits, and volunteers. Nashville is a city steeped in history that is changing rapidly in the 21st century. What does positive change look like there? Can it help The Music City better serve all of its citizens? And what can we learn about empowering ourselves and others in our own communities?

Visit www.tangiblehopeproject.org to learn more about the people and places we visited and find out about how you can make a difference in your community.

Featured organizations in this episode
Conexión Américas: www.conexionamericas.org
Corner to Corner: https://cornertocorner.org/
Book’em: https://bookem-kids.org/
Doing Good TV: www.doinggood.tv/

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Jonathan David Martin – Director, Producer
Jenni Fontana – Producer
Todd Ford – Producer, Creative Consultant

Todd Ford – Editor
Royd Haston – Original Music / Score
Animal Years, Khrys Hatch, Kris Angelis – Additional Music
Austin Elston – Story Consultant

Brenda Wallace
Chelsea Cahill
Corey Alexander
Jackie Gordon
Melissa Spradlin
Renata Soto
Will Acuff

Additional Footage Credits:
Traveling Robert https://www.youtube.com/user/TravelingRobert
Brown Chair Photography https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW00FdC6YsHWxXlPNMxrNHg
Travels of Brian https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL0YB5J5QQgNjkgkZ8Y3lSA
Conexión Américas
Corner to Corner
Doing Good

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