Local Non-profit Urban Green Lab in Nashville, TN

In this Moving Mountains Roadshow episode, hosts Brent Thompson and Erick Baker get hands-on with Urban Green Lab in Nashville, TN. Teaching sustainability education, with a focus on energy, water, and food waste in the places where culture begins. Learn more at urbangreenlab.org. And follow the Roadshow journey on the Sugarlands Distilling YouTube channel or movingmtnsroadshow.com

The Moving Mountains Roadshow is a roadtrippin’ webseries produced by Sugarlands Distilling Company. Follow along as they travel across our great country meeting people who are moving mountains in their communities. Then join us this fall at Sugarlands MountainFest in Gatlinburg, TN with 30+ bands, outdoor competitions, whiskey experience, dancing and more, plus we’ll celebrate everyone they meet along their trip. Tickets for sale online at sugarlandsmtnfest.com

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