We were lucky to have been a part of the 750 people that snagged tickets to celebrate our favorite Youtubers, Kara and Nate! They set a goal almost 4 years ago to travel to 100 countries, and they just recently met that goal (their 100th is still a secret!) We had such a great time in Nashville this weekend (even got to fly the drone!)

When we set our goal to travel to 100, we had NO idea how that would even be possible, and then we found their channel. They are our biggest inspiration and people we’ve really looked up to. They are just as amazing in person as they are on camera, and getting to spend even 4 minutes talking with them this past weekend has fueled our fire to never give up. We met so many people at this event with the same mindset as us, it was SO refreshing!
We hope you enjoyed this video of the best party ever!

instagram: @ashleyandchristian
Sarah’s instagram: @sarahh_arnold

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