Nashville is a city rich with history and entertainment. I grew up with Hee Haw playing on TV and was so excited to see Hee Haw shared and cherished within the walls of the Grand Ole Opry. I know Rollie would have enjoyed this day. I’m thinking I’ll bring him back in the fall so we can enjoy a show! Let me know if you live close to Nashville😀😀

Queens Don’t by RaeLynn

I wasn’t raised in a castle
I grew up on the outskirts of town
No dresses with golden tassels
The rings on my hand are handed down
But I’m gonna find the one that needs me
That sees me
And treats me like I’m already royalty

Queens don’t hate
Queens don’t fight

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More info on Grand Ole Opry Nashville🖤🖤Biscuit Love❤️❤️Loving My Queens #travel

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