Top Tenn Living – The 3 Minute Tour – Franklin, TN – Parks, Shopping & More

Top Tenn Living – The 3 Minute Tour – Franklin, TN – Parks, Shopping & More
“The 3 Minute Tour” is Hosted by Elizabeth Ann Scott

Top Tenn Living – The 3 Minute Tour – Franklin, TN – Parks, Shopping & More
This is just a quick introduction to Franklin, Tennessee.

Franklin, Tennessee has over 900 acres of parkland. More info on the parks & Franklin here:


“Top Tenn Living” is a Non- Profit Travel Channel completely focused on Tennessee Living.
We want this channel to be interactive and as awesome as possible so comment you’re suggestions, let us know if you own a business you would like us to tour, or just say hi and we’ll reply!

We do Not charge to feature Businesses on Top Tenn Living. We just want to show what’s awesome about Tennessee.

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