Gatlinburg Tennessee All Day Eating and Dining

Today, we are back in Gatlinburg Tennessee for another all day eating and dining video. I happen to be visiting Gatlinburg with my brothers and they were interested in trying out a bunch of restaurants that I had actually never dined at before. The places we choose to eat at on this particular trip all ended up being excellent food options. I’ve been very lucky with my dining experiences in Gatlinburg, I have not had a single bad eating experience.

We start off the day with some breakfast at a restaurant I had heard a lot of great things about, Crocketts Breakfest Camp. This place had been suggested to me countless times and it did not disappoint. In fact Crocketts has become my favorite Gatlinburg breakfast option.

Next up we take a quick coffee break at Bergs Coffee, located in the Reagan Terrace Mall. Berg’s is a cute and cozy coffee shop with some excellent coffee options. Very reasonable prices as well.

For one of our two dinners we hit up El Sonadors Mexican Restaurant, located in the carousel garden shops. This was quite a find! I do not believe I have ever set foot in a better smelling restaurant in my life. The food was excellent, plentiful, and the service was great. I also loved the look of the restaurant. The seating was limited which, in my opinion, makes it an even better eating option as it cuts down noise and allowed us to really enjoy our dining experience.

Finally, we finish up by trying out a local BBQ chain, Bennett’s Barbecue. We had some excellent food for a decent price. The meals we all got were very filling and tasty. So far, Bennett’s Barbecue is the best BBQ I have had in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area. As with every other place we ate at the service at Bennett’s was top notch!

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