CB Guitars – “Tennessee Traveller” Travel Guitar

The “Tennessee Traveller” guitar came about at the request of a client who wanted a guitar specifically for airplane touring use; a guitar which would sound as good as larger-bodied guitars, look good on-stage, and fit (inside its case or gig bag) into a standard overhead bin of a passenger aircraft. This proved to be a tall order, one which took a great deal of time in development, but the results were worth the effort. The Tennessee Traveller gives up nothing to its larger brothers, featuring a unique variation of the classic pre-War X-bracing style, along with the same quality materials and workmanship found in CB Guitars’ larger body sizes.

Dimensions of the CB Tennessee Traveller are as follows:
Overall Length: 37-3/8″
Body Length: 17-1/2″
Body Width (Lower Bout): 14-1/4″
Body Width (Upper Bout): 10″
Body Width (Waist): 8-9/16″
Body Depth at Tail: 4-1/16″
Body Depth at Neck: 3-1/4″

Scale Length: 24-3/4″
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The CB Tennessee Traveller is a little guitar that packs a big punch!

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