5 Best Things To Do On A Smoky Mountains Getaway Trip

The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee is one of the top National Park destinations in the U.S with about 11 million visits per year. Also it is 100% FREE!!! Thats right no admission cost to visit Smoky Mountain National Park.

Hiking, Nature Watching, Mountains, Waterfalls, Beautiful Quaint Town Exploring, there is so much to do… Here is our list of the top 5 things to do at while at the Smoky Mountains. We hope this video helps you with your smoky mountain trip and that you enjoy your time in the Smokys.

Safe Travels,
-The Budget Travel Couple-
-Dan & Aranza-

Be Bear Aware!!!
We Recommend watching YouTube videos of what to do and what not to do if you encounter a bear in the woods. We also recommend carrying Bear Mace just in case, Note: NOT Human Mace, that will just piss a bear off.

Quick Reference Guide:
#5) The Town of Gatlinburg (0:35)
#4) Lauren Falls Trail Hike (0:57) (1:42 Bear Encounter)
#3) Chimney Tops Trail Hike (2:30)
#2) Skyline Bridge, the Longest Suspension Bridge in the U.S. (4:07)
#1) Alum Cave Trail Hike (4:39)

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