3 Days In Memphis Tennessee | What to do, see, and eat in Memphis | Memphis Travel Guide

What to do, eat, and see in Memphis |There is something about my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee that draws people in from the music, food, and energy that creates a magical experience you can’t get anywhere else in the country.

Whether you’re into blues, soul or rock’n’roll, Memphis is a must-see destination and if are wondering what to do with 3 Days in Memphis here is my guide for things to do in Memphis.

There is so much authentic music that was and is being created in Memphis from R&B, blues, and rap. Memphis is a place where you can eat fall off the bone BBQ or the next day eat at a 5-star restaurant where the food is literally a work of art.

Memphis is a place where there is rich history on every corner. You can stand in the same spot as Martin Luther King or where Blues Legend BB King made sweet music. Memphis is the place where you can create your own magical experience surrounded by food and music.


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