What $395, $450, $550 Will Get You In Nashville | Sweet Digs VR 360 | Refinery29

On this week’s Sweet Digs VR 360, we tour the Cabin Love bnb. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, this lovely place to stay originated in Brooklyn, bringing that southern style into the city. Watch this episode of Sweet Digs to explore this gorgeous southern-inspired spot!

High rent, small spaces, nosy neighbors — we put up with A LOT of things to live where we love. In Sweet Digs, Refinery29 gets an in-depth 360 degree to peek inside the homes of the coolest people we know, from tiny studios to sprawling houses all through an interactive lens, and ask the real questions like, “Wait, how much is your rent?”

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What ,100 Will Get You In L.A.

What ,000 Will Get You In L.A.

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