Top 10 Cities for Tech Jobs in 2021.

Top 10 Cities for TECH Jobs in 2021. #1 Is Austin, Texas.

Are you thinking about relocating in 2021 for a job, a better job, or a new career in tech? If you said yes, this list is for you. The United States is going through some changes and it looks like it will continue through 2021.
This list will give you an idea of what cities you should be looking at if you will be looking to relocate in 2021 and you work in the TECH industry.
A few cities that have tech jobs won’t be included in this list for various reasons. San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle. We all know they have tech jobs, they are just incredibly expensive and everyone knows they have jobs so I won’t be surprising anyone.

Best places for Tech Jobs in 2021
Best cities for tech jobs in 2021

Madison, Wisconsin
Huntsville, Alabama
Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Columbus, Ohio
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Denver, Colorado
Atlanta, Georgia
Charlotte, North Carolina
Dallas, Texas
Austin, Texas

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