TECH CRASH is Here. SELL NOW in these 5 CITIES!

Tech Stocks are in free fall. Interest rates are going up. The Fed is tapering. And these 5 Housing Markets are in the crosshairs.

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The NASDAQ plummeted hard today as the prospect of higher interest rates, Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing, and higher interest rates weighed on investors. Homebuyers and real estate investors need to be paying attention to tech space because a Tech Crash 2.0 could be in the cards. This could cause a Housing Crash in certain markets.

Back in 2001 there was a brutal crash in the US Technology sector that devastated the stock market and left cities like San Francisco, San Jose, Denver, Seattle, and Austin with big job losses. Another Tech Crash in 2022 would impact the same cities and likely result in big issues in these local Housing Markets.


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0:00 Tech Crash 2.0
2:12 NASDAQ Down 3.0% in ONE DAY!
4:17 Why Is This Happening? HIGHER RATES
6:04 San Francisco is Ground Zero (New York #2)
9:16 Bloodbath in Tech Cities is Coming
10:38 Miami Migration Data from Redfin
11:40 San Jose / Los Angeles Losing Homebuyers
12:42 New York / Boston
13:37 Denver / Salt Lake City / Austin
15:13 Homebuyer Migration Going DOWN
16:39 Portland, OR
17:36 San Diego, CA
18:40 Dallas, TX
19:40 Houston, TX
20:33 San Antonio, TX
21:33 Washington DC
22:55 Philadelphia, PA
24:08 Boston, MA
25:12 Miami, FL
25:58 Jacksonville / Orlando
27:00 Tampa, FL
27:48 Atlanta, GA
28:58 Charleston / Savannah
29:54 Raleigh, NC (Pandemic Frenzy Over?)
31:36 Phoenix, AZ
32:46 Las Vegas / Reno
33:50 Sacramento, CA
35:38 Tech Crash 2.0 is Coming
37:23 Louisville, KY
37:46 Cleveland / Columbus
38:33 Pittsburgh, PA
39:02 St. Louis, MO
39:24 Detroit, MI
39:46 Chicago, IL
40:18 Tulsa, OK
41:01 Oklahoma City, OK
41:35 Minneapolis / Milwaukee
42:58 Spokane, WA
43:45 Nashville, TN
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