S2E4 Daniel Liston Keller, CEO of PR firm for music/media tech biz, on “Music & chat w/Shueh-li Ong”

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S 2 Ep 4: Broadcasts 24th Oct SAT 7PM Central/8PM Eastern (25th Oct SUN 8AM SG/11AM Australia).
Guest: Daniel Liston Keller, CEO of Get It In Writing, PR firm for companies in music & media tech.

Piece performed today:
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Key points in the stream (index):
3:00 I chat with you and perform a piece for you.
17:18 Introduction to our guest, and we welcome Daniel!
22:52 Daniel talks about his career and his company Get It In Writing, and an example list of clients they assist with PR.
25:27 Since OCT is the month of Instrument Design: if you had to consult on an MI design, would you encourage a traditional shape or encourage experimenting? Daniel brings up the idea of a “common language”. Also the “RTFM” phase with regards to picking up a new controller.
29:50 I counter his response with my idea of a “flip side”. We discuss further about making music and playing an instrument, and how it is analogous to language, and much more.
34:08 We tackle a little SCOT (Social Construction of Technology) and look at how synths with B/W keys are relegated to the keyboard department, and the BBQ is aimed at men because there is fire involved. Has Daniel had to place a product (roll-out) associated with one gender for the other?
39:35 I respond.
43:35 Tech has made opportunities more affordable for low budget projects, and entry-level users capable of vying for these projects. Is there a down side to this, or no sides at all?
Daniel mentions the roles of artists and artisans and proceeds to describe an interesting anecdote. And brings up the concept of the “paralysis of analysis”.
48:38 Grazing. Does the younger generation have too much to graze on without time to digest?
52:14 KB skills are a mainstay of our music curriculum at higher education level. Very useful at teaching music theory. Is this a good system and should this remain – KB skills?
57:50 Minor keys are sad and major keys are happy. I wonder if Daniel consciously picks a key or scale mode when he works on a project?
1:01:24 MIDI has proven very versatile and adaptable. Enabling us to connect all types of entertainment equipment for stage and studio. Daniel, you are on the advisory board of the MIDI association. Might you have any news for us about companies investing in 2.0?
1:08:17 We mention our guest from the previous episode, Robert Dudzic, sound designer for movie trailers, and the wild imagination sound designers must possess.
1:10:24 AR is an interesting tech. Any companies working AR into a UI type enhancement to their products?
And we slowly proceed to the end of the broadcast. Thank you!

Shueh-li Ong is an Australian-born Singapore artist, based in America. This composer, producer, theremin-synthesist, sound designer, educator and multimedia geek, accepts commissions to work with groups, venues or on projects of her interest.
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