Randonaut Joy ep. 1 – Nashville TN Scary House

Randonautica is an app that will generate for you a quantum random location. If you go there take a friend and an intention. My intention for today was the idea of love. I was hoping for an easy one. Not too creepy. Boy was I wrong af.
Anyhow at the location expect weird at the minimum.
I am traveling the country while Covid destroys my industry (dance club parties) and decided to do some of these so be my guest to check out the weird.
Today we left the glorious Dive motel and pool outside of Nashville Tennessee and drove on only two streets to get to our location. The first street was called Meridian which just happened to be the same name as a town are used to live in. The second Street was called Edith was just happen to be the same name as my great grandmother. Already the coincidences are getting weird.
At 334 Edith we found an abandoned house with the doors wide open all the windows open and what appeared to be the possibilityk of a Body buried in the rear left corner of the backyard.
We did find some love before leaving though haha.
Let me know if you have any ideas for future intentions.
Thanx for watching.
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