Music College Serving Nashville, TN

Are you looking for a Music College that is proud to serve aspiring musicians in Nashville, Tennessee?

If you want to obtain a degree or certificate from an accredited Music School, then The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media may be the right college for you.

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media offer programs that are designed to take intermediate level musicians and build their skill set and confidence so they can achieve every goal they set for themselves within the music business. We do not take our students, or their passion, lightly.

Our Certificate Program
The certificate programs that we offer are the most beneficial to the intermediate level musician. We have designed the program to challenge and help students build upon their already formed knowledge and skill set.

Our Certificate Program includes:
Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Recording

Audio Post Production Associate Degree
Our Audio Post Production Associate Degree is designed for Nashville students who want to expand their knowledge in sound engineering and recording.
If you are skilled at identifying out how sound is utilized and engineered for music and other various forms of media, then the Audio Post Production degree is perfect for you.
Music Technology Associate Degree
In the Music Technology and Associate Degree program, our Nashville students combine specific instrument focal points with the technical elements of recording and engineering.
Our Music and Technology Associate Degree can include an instrument focus in one of the following: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Voice, and Keyboard
AIMM offers the following resources for our Nashville students:
Roommate Referral
Housing Assistance
Work Study
Job Placement after Graduation
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