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Are you looking for a local endodontist? Do you need to find a family dentist near you? Are you looking for an affordable dentist? Do you live in the Nashville, Tennessee area? Come to Nashville Dental Center! So many have trusted their oral health to our team of experts. Find out why by visiting us online at https://www.nashvilledc.net!

Nashville Dental Center is your home for modern, minimally-invasive dental care. It’s our goal to look at our patients as a person, not just a smile. Together, you and our dentist in Nashville, TN can co-plan the best therapies and treatments for your oral and overall health needs. Thanks to advanced technology and methods, you’ll enjoy proactive dental care that’s safer, gentler, and more affordable than ever before.

From fast Snap-On-Smile treatments to managing your sleep apnea without a CPAP, our dentist in Nashville, TN offers an expansive range of oral health services to keep you healthy and your smile beautiful. At Nashville DC dental payment plans are an excellent investment in an individual’s physical and psychological well-being. We are here to help you get your smile back and get your life back on track.

Nashville DC was founded in October 1991 by Drs. Huey and Patricia Newberry. Their foundation is the word of God and they believe in it in its entirety. By using God’s word through Nashville DC, they were able to do and be accomplished and have all that you see today.

Through the years Nashville DC has become one of the leading dental centers in Nashville. Our patient population is so diverse in culture and ethnic backgrounds; it’s forced to hire certain nationalities in order to accommodate each healthcare segment. On a slow day Nashville DC averages at least 30 patients a day with a 65-patient day not being extraordinary. The philosophy is simple “if and when they call get them in now or the next business day”. Nashville DC offers a full range of dental services with an expertise in handling volume and emergencies. With its dentists being proficient in certain aspects of dentistry, Nashville DC has become the ideal location for a majority of a family dental needs.

Nashville Dental Center offers comprehensive dental services as well as cosmetic dental services. We pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date on the latest and greatest technology available. Let us help you achieve your brightest smile yet!

Nashville Dental Center is located at:

3754 Nolensville Pike

Nashville, TN 37211

For more information regarding our endodontist dental services, or to set up your next appointment at Nashville Dental Center, call us directly at 615-434-2110 or visit us online at http://www.nashvilledc.net!

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