#HelloTech Apphustle :Sign Up Today To Start Making This Money + My Earnings

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Hello Tech (HelloTech) is the combination of UBER flexability and GEEKSQUAD work orders. AppHustlers, This is your opportunities to make more money than when Uber Launched. Hellotech is small but I think someone poured a lot of money into advertising their services in major US markets. Im putting out a strategy to expose more of my Hello Tech content in the early stage. In this video i explain how to start using the Hello Tech app I go into details on my channel growth and my earnings. Sample Hello Tech skills are Mounting Tvs, TV Swap on existing Mount, Computer repair, Virus removal, Thermostat install (Nest etc), Simplisafe home security systems, and Home Theater Setup etc. Hello Tech Services are similar to Best Buy Geek Squad but in most instances much cheaper. I will do a review of The Hello Tech App

0:00 intro
0:55 Hello Tech is a cross between Uber and GeekSquad
1:57 What Hello Tech Agents Do
2:00 How To Become A Tech And Start Making Money
2:52 Hello Tech is getting busy on Youtube that Means more jobs for us techs
3:20 Is Hello Tech Right For You
3:41 How HelloTech is impacting my Youtube Channel
4:18 Experimental Tag On Youtube ???
5:00 Logging Into The Tech Dashboard
5:17 Rating System Like Uber and my Earnings
5:30 Things I dont like About Hello Tech and Finding the Right Job
6:18 Earnings Details
7:12 Skills Is How You Get Paid
8:32 More on The Onboarding Process and Realistic Chance of Making 0/day
8:54 Typical Working Hours
9:55 Hello Tech Is a Cheaper Alternative To GeekSquad


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