Cybersecurity Technical Excellence-Risk Mgmt Options -Nashville, TN (CCS)

Cybersecurity Technical Excellence-Risk Mgmt Options -Nashville, TN (CCS)
Regus Office Facility
Nashville, United States
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About this Event

“How can we implement a holistic approach to cybersecurity?”
“What methodologies, policies, technologies, and specific tools can we deploy to prevent, detect and monitor cybersecurity threats”?

“How can we build a more effective program?”
As more data breaches are disclosed, cybersecurity is at the forefront of Boards, executives, employees and consumers. Breaches are a continuing threat to an organization’s reputation through the disclosure of intellectual property and non-public, confidential information. Organizations must remain vigilant in their attempt to prevent a cyberattack and minimize the damage once it occurs. We must raise the awareness of threats and harden our defenses.

We have divide the program into the following tool groups:

. Hardware security
. Data encryption at rest
. Around-the-clock monitoring
. Cybersecurity education
. User Access
. Phishing threats
. Two-factor authentication
. Intrusion detection systems
. System & Application Items
. Insider threat protection
. Self-service

Seminar Highlights

We created this comprehensive seminar to help you become more proactive in the maturity of your cybersecurity program.

The class is based on our experience implementing best practices from security experts in industry and agencies.

We translate the technical security and networking jargon into plain English. We discuss case studies of breaches and remediation activities.

Learning Objectives
– Attendees will understand the standard definitions and concepts associated with cybersecurity

– Attendees will identify sources of security information

– Attendees will know the major laws and regulations governing data security and privacy

– Attendees will identify popular frameworks for security risk, control and assessment

– Attendees will recognize how breaches occur and attackers gain access to our systems

– Attendees will understand the best practice tools and countermeasures for minimizing the impact of a breach

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