Beautiful Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee for Funnel Hacking Live Event 2019 – Gaylord Opryland Hotel


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👋 About this channel: Ron Ung has always had a passion for helping others. Growing up in the US, whose parents were survivors of the brutal Khmer Rouge genocide, Ron had trouble fitting into society. Fortunately, he found the YMCA as a teenager who helped shaped Ron’s future for the better. Because of that, Ron made it his mission to give back and pay it forward. In 2014, he took the biggest leap of faith in his life… He gave up his career and sold his things and moved to Cambodia to help underprivileged youth break the cycle of poverty and create a cycle of success through his nonprofit that he founded, Khmer Loves Khmer dba Cambodia YI ( Originally from the US, Ron became an ex-pat by moving to Cambodia. In the years since then, Ron has made a profound impact on thousands of youth teaching leadership, public speaking, technology to name a few. Ron has been featured on popular media such as NBC News for his work in Cambodia (

The journey hasn’t been easy. Ron has had its shares of ups and downs. Depression, Loneliness, Culture Shock, Language Barrier, Failures and Financial Constraints were some of the many challenges Ron had to overcome along the journey

Fast forward to today, Ron’s mission is to help millennials escape the 9 to 5 job and take the leap of faith where they become high-income expats so that they can help make a difference in this world. If you’re an expat or want to become one, Subscribe to this channel now

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