Ambedded Technology Rides into Nashville with SUSE Enterprise Storage

We’re excited to introduce a new SUSE customer this year at SUSECon.

Ambedded Technology is an award-winning, software-defined storage company based in Taipei, Taiwan that develops scalable, easy to use Ceph storage appliances powered by ARM-based micro-servers. The company has partnered with SUSE to deliver a powerful storage solution that simplifies management and monitoring, and lowers energy consumption up to 70% for data centers and enterprise businesses. With applications for Big Data analysis, Machine Learning and IoT, paired with backend storage capability for OpenStack and Kubernetes, the Ambedded unified storage cluster makes software defined storage simple, safe and secure.

Aaron Joue, Founder and CEO of Ambedded Technology, tells us a little about their storage products, and how they work with SUSE.

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