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Nashville has always been known for its music. Not so its food, unless you wanted to dine exclusively on biscuits and BBQ (not that there’s anything wrong with that…). As Nashville has grown in recent years, its food scene has evolved, and continues to do so. Chefs from across the country have migrated to Music City to open their own kitchens. And the rest of the country is taking notice. Now you’ll find award-winning regional chefs and a focus on more organic ingredients as well as the time-honored Southern specialties. National attention, awards and praise have followed.

You can still find an array of fantastic hot chicken and BBQ joints, and some of those are not to be missed. Another popular tradition is gathering around food trucks serving handmade Southern fare – they’re everywhere these days. But what locals like best is the influx of new, higher-end, sophisticated dining, the likes of which had been scarce in the past. No matter which way your budget and palate guides you, you can’t miss with any of these local favorites.

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