The Best Churches To Follow On Social Media In 2020

Today, I want to share with you my social media awards for churches in 2020.

These are the pastors, ministries, and churches that I think are leading the way for rest of us on social.

And this is a diverse list.

You’ll find bigger churches, smaller churches, churches with varying theological distinctives – and if you’re looking for inspiration or fresh ideas – they most certainly are worth a follow.

So let’s dive in.


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– Elevation Church: &
– Youth Alive Queensland: &
– Transformation Church:
– Mosaic Church:
– St. John Cantius Church: &
– Freedom Church:
– Life.Church: (also TikTok)
– BLDG 28 Church: &
– Northwood Church:
– Rich Wilkerson, Jr.:
– Mike Todd:
– Craig Groeschel:

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