SOLVED: The Fast Food Killer – Two Survived!

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It was 1997 in Nashville, Tennessee. The fast food restaurant Captain D’s would be robbed and the young employees would be found in the freezer. The staff claimed that a man had come in the night before to get an application and a sketch was created. Fingerprints would also be found on one of the employees ID’s found on the side of the road nearby. Yet, this case still wasn’t solved. A month later, a McDonald’s 2 miles away would call 911. When police arrived, they found 3 bodies and one man who was hanging on to life. He would survive and tell his story. The man that attacked him was quite similar to the sketch of the man from Captain D’s. Yet, they couldn’t catch a killer. A month after that, two girls would go missing from their shift at Baskin Robbins. The abduction case would come to an end when they were found at the local park. Three fast food restaurants in the same year and seven people killed. This serial killer would ultimately be caught with the addition of yet another restaurant, yet he hadn’t gone to the actual business.


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