Social Media Helps Solve Crime – Erika Kurre

Stream Fox 17 newscasts LIVE starting with Fox 17 This Morning at 5 am and News at 9 pm.NASHVILLE, TN – Social media solving crimes. We’re hearing more about it as victims take to the keyboard.They’re searching for answers or even a clue that may lead to someone who wronged them.Only on Fox, one woman tells us how she closed the case on a burglary in her South Nashville neighborhood.It was a pleasant surprise– even to her. Deb Duncan says within hours of a simple post on, police had a suspect in mind and he’s now behind bars.A simple Facebook post or a tweet are often the most common form of online communication.Now Duncan credits her account as the latest site keeping her connected.Duncan has been living in her Hillbrook home for almost 50 years.She’s the neighborhood watch coordinator and knows most who live here personally.It wasn’t until recently that she decided to take their communication to the next level.According to, more than 180 other neighborhoods in Nashville have already registered.When Duncan registered her neighborhood on the site back in October, she never dreamed that in just a few weeks, with a simple message, they’d end up solving a crime.But it was as easy as that.Just a few doors down, a lawnmower was stolen from a neighbor’s carport in early November.The neighbor private messaged her about it through the site.Duncan says, I sent out an immediate alert to our neighborhood and a member responded and gave information to me and it was provided to the police department.A photo of the crime was taken by another neighbor who saw it and was sent to Duncan after seeing her post. That photo connected the suspect’s car to other crimes in Nashville.19-year old William Batts Burney is now behind bars.A minor is also believed to be involved.Police say Burney confessed after seeing this picture of them.Duncan says, It’s just mind-boggling. It’s almost like instantaneous results nowadays. You just type in a message, send out the alert and within virtually hours, you’ve helped solve a crime.Burney remains in police custody tonight under 3-thousand dollars bond. He’s charged with property theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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