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Samaritan Recovery Community

Like other state-supported treatment facilities, SRC is independently evaluated by a third party, in this case the University of Memphis Institute for Substance Abuse Research and Evaluation. According to its most recent findings, the program boasts an 88 percent completion rate and a 78 percent rate of abstinence, outperforming statewide outcomes by as much as 20 percent in many categories; it even boasts a 94 percent client satisfaction rate as well. Overall, Samaritan Recovery Community gets the job done, with solid data to back up most of their claims. It’s not about creating a spa-like retreat experience, but perhaps therein lies its success.

Samaritan Recovery Community, Inc. Location
319 South 4th St
Nashville, TN 37206

Samaritan Recovery Community, Inc. Cost
Samaritan Recovery Community cost: ,000 (28 days).Read more rehab reviews:

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