RV LIFE IN NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE | Unusual Park, Local Eats + Broadway

Nashville, Tennessee is where I grew up, but it’s grown like crazy over the last 10 years. In this video, we’re sharing some of our long-time favorite Nashville hot spots and exploring some new local spots too. Whether you live in Nashville now, or your planning to visit soon, we hope this tour inspires you to get out and wanderlocal too. #NashvilleTennessee

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__ ⏱️ NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE VIDEO CONTENTS _________________________
00:00​ – Introduction to #RVLife in Nashville, Tennessee
00:31 – Visiting Nashville, TN local coffee and donut shop, Parlor Doughnuts
02:15 – Exploring Centennial Park on the West End of Nashville
02:56 – Why is there a Parthenon replica in Nashville, Tennessee?
04:45 – The best hot chicken spot in Nashville, Tennessee – Hattie B’s Chicken
05:25 – Our favorite hack for visiting Hattie B’s Hot Chicken in Nashville, TN
05:38 – Broadway Brewhouse – Best place for darts and the Bushwacker
06:41 – What is it like visiting the honkey tonks in Nashville, Tennesee?
07:00 – Our favorite parking hack in Nashville, Tennessee to visit Broadway
07:31 – Our favorite rooftop bar in Nashville, Acme Feed & Seed
08:06 – Nashville is the bachelorette party capital of the U.S.
08:34 – Dinner hack for one of our favorite Nashville restaurants, The Stillery
09:57 – Heading back to the Airstream from Nashville, Tennessee
10:38 – Our last night in Nashville, Tennesee didn’t go as planned…

🍩 Parlor Doughnuts: https://www.parlordoughnuts.com
🐥 Hattie B’s Chicken: https://hattieb.com/
🎯 Broadway Brewhouse: https://www.broadwaybrewhouseohio.com/
🍺 Acme Feed & Seed: https://www.acmefeedandseed.com/
🍕The Stillery: http://www.stillerynashville.com/
⛺️ Grand Ole RV Park: https://grandolervresort.com/

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