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Chef Julia Sullivan may be born and raised in Nashville, but she doesn’t consider herself to be a “southern chef”. At her restaurant, Henrietta Red, she challenges herself to approach food differently than the classic southern restaurant by utilizing lots of seafood and steering away from pork.

Chas Truslow

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Phoebe Melnick

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Grant Townsend, Phillip Allen

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Ted McGrath

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Stasia Tomlinson

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Earl Jordan

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Tom O’Quinn

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Justin Lundstrom

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Henrietta Red

Track Title: “Fast Fix”
Composer: Mark Ford

Track Title: “The Business”
Composer: Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins, Christopher Salt

Track Title: “Summer Barbecue”
Composer: Aaron Gilbert, David Walters

Track Title: “Cool to be Hot”
Composer: Aka

Track Title: “Going Down”
Composer: Kully B, Gussy G

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