Recession meals w/ little ingredients | The Daily Read w/ Marcus Gentry

We are in a recession People, and hard times are coming most of you are not farmers and the old school art of making food stretch has been thrown out the window with this new fast food generation! Some of us can still go to a grocery store even with the shelves empty like I’m sure some of you have seen and manage to still feed our families!
If you enjoy this content I’ll upload more of my simple recipes that can make your food stretch just in case they start a nation wide quarantine!
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★Disaster Relief Effort in Nashville

Second harvest food bank
331 great circle rd
Nashville tn 615-329-3491

Salvation army
611 stockell st
Nashville tn 615-242-0411

church of Christ disaster relief effort
410 Allied dr
Nashville Tn 615-833-0888

3700 Ashland city Hwy
Nashville Tn 615-242-6559

kingdom café
2610 Jefferson ave.
Nashville Tn 615-678-7582

Hands on Nashville
37 Peabody st
Nashville TN 615-288-1108

American Red cross
2201 charlotte ave
Nashville Tn 615-250-4300

Community resource center
218 Omahundro Pl
Nashville Tn 615-291-6688

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