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PHILADELPHIA, USA – Welcome to Philadelphia! Easily the most famous food in all of Philadelphia, and one of the most famous foods in the United States is the Philly cheesesteak or spelled cheese steak. Today we’re going on an ultimate Philly cheesesteak tour – we’re going to eat 5 different cheesesteaks in Philadelphia! #Philly #cheesesteak #Philadelphia

Pat’s King of Steaks ( – Cheesesteak – – First, Pat’s King of Steaks, where it all started. At first it didn’t include cheese, so it was just a steak sandwich. At Pat’s the steak is frizzled, and they generously add cheese whiz. Even though locals say Pat’s is a tourist trap, they deserve credit for being the original and starting it all. I would say it was a fantastic experience, and even just being there eating a cheesesteak there on the corner with its history was cool. And their cheese fries were amazing.

Geno’s Steaks ( – Mushroom cheesesteak – – Next up, when you eat at Pat’s, there’s no way you can’t walk across the intersection to Geno’s Steaks, known for its giant logo and bright lights. Their steak is unchopped, just thin slices, but it’s nice and tender. We actually tried a mushroom provolone cheese steak here. Overall, it was pretty pure, not the best, but not bad.

L & M Variety Store ( – Cheesesteak – – Next up for one of the common local stops to eat a Philly cheesesteak, a corner convenience store. For in Philadelphia, it doesn’t get much better. As JL mentioned, one of the best things about a corner store is that you often know the owners and can customize it how you like it.

Dalessandro’s Steaks ( – Cheesesteak – – Another local famous popular is Dalessandro’s Steaks, and they have a line to show. We ordered their classic cheesesteak, with cheese whiz and onions. Overall, it was good, but the steak was a little overly shredded to the point of almost being minced meat.

Jim’s South St. ( – Cheesesteak – .25 – Lastly to complete this cheesesteak tour of Philadelphia, we went to Jim’s South St. I think this was the cheese steak that surprised both JL and I, and to be honest it was probably the best of the day. The steak was tender, the bread was soft and fluffy, and the whiz was perfectly layered on the bottom and top with plenty of grilled onions.

Additionally, though not in this video, we had 2 other cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, which were to be honest, probably the best 2 I had in Philadelphia: John’s Roast Pork ( and Angelo’s Pizzeria (video coming)

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