NASHVILLE WALKING TOUR | what to see in downtown Nashville

Come along on our Nashville Walking Tour and learn what there is to do in downtown Nashville!

Thanks to Thomas’ sister, Sami, we have been on a 10-DAY MYSTERY ROAD TRIP and we had no idea where we would end up. For day 9, we were given a packet with the directions and information for a free self-guided walking tour of downtown Nashville! We learned about where greats like Willie Nelson got their start, why Nashville is called “MUSIC CITY”, and experienced so many more things to see in Nashville, TN.

This whole experience was a surprise birthday gift to us from Thomas’ sister, Samantha! She gave us a packet of 10 sealed envelopes with directions for each day. All we know is that it is a midwest road trip, but we have had no clue where exactly that means. If you haven’t yet, make sure you check out our previous videos and join us for our midwest mystery vacation! Here’s the intro:​

Mystery Road Trip – Day 9
0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Nashville Visitor Center (& history)
1:44 – Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge
2:28 – LEGENDS Corner Mural
2:57 – Fifth & Broadway
3:14 – Ryman Auditorium
4:08 – Downtown Presbyterian Church
4:54 – Woolworth’s Sit-Ins
5:27 – Maxwell House Hotel
6:02 – The ARCADE Shopping District
6:34 – A BUS ON A ROOF?? (Bobby Hotel)
8:39 – Men’s Quarters
9:03 – Printer’s Alley
9:24 – Shelby St. Pedestrian Bridge
10:12 – WALK OF FAME

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