NASHVILLE, TN | A Glimpse at Music City and More on Our Interesting Drive from Alabama to Kentucky

Today we are back on the road headed north towards Kentucky. But first, we’re going to go through Nashville, TN and get a glimpse of this interesting town. Take a look for yourself at what we saw along the way.

On the way, we saw a rocket and had to stop and check it out. It happened to be at an Alabama Rest Stop.

As we enter Nashville, we come across a very well known college, Vanderbilt University. It’s set up for easy access for the students to get to class without rushing out into traffic. Smart thinking if you ask me. But that’s not why we didn’t stay.

Next we have the Parthenon Art Museum. Needless to say, we didn’t go inside. This isn’t that kind of video. We wanted to take a drive by and check it out. It is quite fantastic to look at, however, we wanted to keep going.
Now as we drive into the heart of Nashville, you can see the change of scenery. The buildings get taller and the streets get busier. You can still see the great architecture here.

There are some great artistic pieces as we drive through the city. Obviously, Nashville has a great artistic sense, not only for the production of country music, but architecture and sculpture as well. This looks to be a great place to grow artistically if you ask me.

Downtown there are some great food choices you should check out. They really know how to relax and enjoy themselves. Looks like a good place to catch some live music too. We weren’t able to stop this time, but we did say hello to the Titans on our way out.

We were able to make it back to Kentucky safely. The rolling hills and “blue grass” were welcome sights. After a long drive, it’s nice to be home where you can relax and put your feet up. But, I guess that’s why we love having an RV, you can take your home with you.

That concludes this trip, however there are many more to follow. Make sure you like and subscribe as well as select the notifications bell so you can keep up with us. And as always, Squeeze the Day!!!

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Music provided through Epidemic Sound:
Fall Into You by Houses on the Hill
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The Flats by Roy Williams
Cookies and Candy by J.F. Gloss
Weather Any Storm by Cody Francis

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