May 2 | For The City | People Loving Nashville (Homelessness)

In this season, we asked the question, “What can we be doing to meet the current needs of our city?” After discussing with city leaders, we learned the most pressing issues at this present moment are Food Insecurity, Mental Health, and Homelessness.

Our series “For The City” spotlights three of our Missional Partners working to meet these specific needs, and in this service, we spoke with Ryan Lampa of People Loving Nashville which serves people experiencing homelessness in the Nashville area and provides them with relationship and resources.

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Time Stamps
00:00 | Pre Service
06:48 | Speak The Name
10:36​ | Send Me
17:29​ | King Of Kings
22:49​ | King Of My Heart
27:49​ | Prayer & Announcements
31:06​ | Sermon with Darren Whitehead
47:20​ | Video Introduction
49:19​ | Talk with Ryan Lampa from People Loving Nashville
1:18:37​ | Communion
1:21:42​ | Prayer for Ryan
1:23:21​ | Closing

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