Man of Weakness (Your Smith)

MAN OF WEAKNESS – Your Smith, feat. Reina del Cid and Toni Lindgren
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It was so fun to arrange this Your Smith song for an acoustic trio setting, and a total pleasure having her on as a guest for the Sunday morning video this week (and for yours truly to get to rock out on the upright bass for the first time!). If you aren’t already familiar with Your Smith, check out the rest of her music as well on Spotify / Apple Music. It’s some of my favorite music out there right now.

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Reina del Cid is a singer songwriter and leader of the eponymous folk rock band based in Minnesota. Her song-a-week video series, Sunday Mornings with Reina del Cid, has amassed a devoted and diverse following made up of everyone from jamheads to college students to white-haired intelligentsia. In 2011 she began collaborating with Toni Lindgren, who is the lead guitarist on all three of Del Cid’s albums, as well as a frequent and much beloved guest on the Sunday Morning videos. The Sunday Morning videos also feature a rotating cast of bandmates, special guests, and occasional random bystanders.

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