Living In Nashville: How To Beat The Cost Of Housing in Nashville Tenn

When Living in Nashville or moving to Nashville , many people are surprised by the cost of housing in Nashville! Our cost of living in other areas like food , healthcare, and no State income taxes make us very appealing, but the cost of housing in Nashville especially. in the inner urban core of walkable neighborhoods can be quite a surprise!

In this week’s show “Nashville Redefined” I show a Nashville Tn home for sale that offers all the amenities so many people want at an affordable cost because of its unique layout and design that make it perfect for rental income on the main level, and live upstairs in style with privacy; maybe offer as an possible AirBnB, since the location is so desirable for visitors to be close to the downtown Nashville District; or, maybe you can bring your office home to that first level to save rental income of another currently rented for your business in Nashville

Many options are here to make Nashville housing affordable at 804A 28th Ave North!
What is it like living in Nashville?
What is the cost of living in Nashville?
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