Kids Cover 46 and 2 by Tool / O’Keefe Music Foundation

O’Keefe Music Foundation:

You can buy the kids’ version of “46 and 2” here: All proceeds go towards future recording projects. We purchased a license from Limelight to sell 250 digital copies of the “46 and 2” cover. Our license number is 35798202. If we exceed 250 sales, we will purchase another license for additional digital sales.

A big thanks goes out to the following people:

The students for all their hard work: Curtis / Drums, AJ / Bass, Olivia / Piano, Kala / Vocals, Jacob / Guitar, Chris / Guitar, Geoffrey / Claves, Kane / Bongos, Jack / Djembe
Directed, Arranged & Produced by Aaron O’Keefe
Photography / Videography: John Quinto
Mastering Engineer: Steve Nagasaki
Mixing Engineer: Dan Agee
Lead Engineer: Zach Allen
Assistant Engineer: Jarad Clement
Cameramen: John Quinto, Aaron O’Keefe and Simon Marts
Jeremy Singer for teaching Jacob Boldman the rhythm guitar part.
Video Editor: Aaron O’Keefe
Tool, for writing an incredible song!

Credit Sequence / Light’s Theme from Death Note: Performed by Andy Hubbard

Recorded at The Tracking Room in Nashville, TN.

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