J C Napier Housing Project in Nashville Tn

Hope you love this video. I love Nashville.
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Nashville have grown alot and is continuing to grow. If you live here you know all about it. I remember when Metro Center was empty, see how East Nashville, Jefferson Street, is so different now and other places to name.

The Downtown broadway night life pre covid was so full of life. I had fun every weekend downtown. I’ll go to Acme, Honky tonk, FGL, Plush/halo, club Limelight used to be fun (closed down), The Stage, Legends and many more to list.

The Titans dont get me started with sports, Ryan Tannehill is great. I did like Mariota but honestly Tannehill working. Derrick Henry, Kevin Byard, they all great. Nashville hockey Predators and the baseball sound games, come on …

The food… I dont know where to start so many to name. Edley’s , Monell’s, Hattie B’s, Ghot wings, Helen’s, Prince’s, Harrold’s , yo i could go forever lol.

Music: Country of course, All the rappers in Nashville are working hard to blow up , males and females rappers. They all great many to names. All Nashville rappers unsigned underground shout out to you all.

I forgot go to Zannies comedy club.

The public housing like shelby, Jc, Dodge City and other areas seems to be doing much better and well maintained.

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