Hunter Hayes – In The Lab (Episode 2)

Hunter Hayes in the lab from Nashville, Tennessee! Subscribe to the channel and check back next Tuesday at 8pm EST / 5pm PST for the premiere of episode 3.

1. One Shot (0:02)
2. Night And Day (3:35)
3. Loving You (7:54)

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Show Design: Hunter Hayes, Christian Thomas
Lighting Design: Austin Grundberg, Extreme Lighting & Sound
Steadicam Operator: Larkin McLaughlin
Recorded by Ross Touchette, Mark Dobson
Monitor Engineer: Jim Brentlinger
Mixed by Hunter Hayes, Alex Seguin
Additional Programming: Vince Romanelli
Production Assistant: Jimmy Connor
Management: Valerie Sizemore
Digital: Black Box LA
Director & Producer: Brenton Giesey

One Shot (Hunter Hayes)
Night And Day (Derrick Southerland / Sam Ellis / Hunter Hayes)
Loving You (Jordan Reynolds, Dave Barnes, Hunter Hayes)

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A multi-platinum singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Hunter Hayes is a forerunner in today’s country music scene. With the breakout success of his self-titled, debut album Hunter Hayes, Hunter quickly carved out his place on the country music charts and awards landscape with hits like “Wanted”, “I Want Crazy”, “Everybody’s Got Somebody but Me (featuring Jason Mraz)”, and “Storm Warning”. His next album Storyline, featuring hit songs “Invisible” and “Tattoo”, and The 21 Project, a multi-genre window into Hunter’s creative mind, further cemented his growing legacy. Following the release of the critically acclaimed tracks “Dear God” and “One Shot” in 2018, Hunter is back with his new single “Heartbreak”, ready to forge new musical roads and add to that legacy.

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