How To Create A Powerful Social Media Facebook Business Marketing Page – Nashville, TN

How To Create A Powerful Social Media Facebook Business Marketing Page – Nashville, TN

Are you embarrassed by your facebook page are you frustrated because you know how important it is but you just don’t have the time don’t really know what to do and quite frankly just don’t want to be bothered but guess what you are not alone in fact over 60% of local businesses don’t keep up with their Facebook page yet they agree it’s important to keep their current customers engaged and to bring new customers through the door so it’s okay.

We understand and we are here to help we have a limited time special for local businesses in your area we want to give you a complete facebook makeover for free you know it sounds crazy especially since it is a 0 value but we wanted to give you something that would take the burden off of your shoulders so you can focus on your business when we do this makeover we are going to bring you a growing tribe of followers that will lead to increased revenue for your business.

So all you have to do is click on the button below to get started remember this Facebook makeover is a 0 value but for you it is completely free but I am warning you there are only a limited number of spots available due to the fact that the makeover is very customized specifically for your business we do spend a good deal of time ensuring the makeover will attract retain and grow your customer base so click the button and secure your spot before we have to close this down you look forward to helping your business grow leveraging the power of social media.

How To Create A Powerful Social Media Facebook Business Marketing Page – Nashville, TN

Let’s get started just click on the button to continue meet Joe he has a local business and really needs more customers a few years ago he was told that he needs to set up a Facebook page and so he did Joe knows his Facebook page is important but he doesn’t really know what to do and doesn’t have the time he makes a post here and there he may get one like or two likes but nothing really happens.

Joe feels like it’s a waste of time time that he doesn’t have and to be honest just doesn’t want to do it but one day Joan that Sally and hired her to manage his Facebook page Sally started by optimizing his page and setting up his facebook check-in program now in walks Teena Joe’s first customer of the day Tina sees Joe’s new sign check in to save 10% on your purchase…

Tina who loves a great discount and loves to share what she’s doing with her friends gladly checks in to businessman gets her 10% discount now penis friends instantly get notified that Tina just visited Joe’s business and she recommends it as a place they should visit she is getting likes and shares on her post.

One friend comments another friend comments and at the same time Sally is replying as part of Joe’s team and inviting Tina’s friends to visit Joe’s business because of Tina and all the other customers that are checking in the amount of visitors to Joe’s Facebook page increases every day all of this activity is keeping Sally busy creating fun.

How To Create A Powerful Social Media Facebook Business Marketing Page – Nashville, TN

Engaging posts the visitors are getting invited to events at Joe’s place participating in contests grabbing special offers and even getting a personal invite from Joe to like his page not only is Joe keeping his current customers happy but he is getting a steady flow of new customers due to the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

Joe is now able to leverage his current customers to spread the word on his behalf so now Joe can focus on growing his business while Sally focuses on getting more customers like Tina through Joe’s door so they can spread the word with their friends

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