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Moonlight Social is a genre-bending music duo (formed by Jeremy Burchard and Jennica Scott) born in Austin, Texas and now based in Nashville, Tennessee.

We make alternative music, which means catchy music sprinkled with influences from rock, pop, progressive country, folk rock, adult contemporary, and other alternative genres. For fans of artists like Matchbox Twenty, Maren Morris, Of Monsters and Men, Fleetwood Mac, and more.

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Holding Patterns is a song about trying to figure out how far you can go to help somebody before losing yourself.


I think I made another mistake
I fell in love with an earthquake, all in
The kind that rolls until your head breaks
And leaves you shattered like nothing happened

I held on
I held on to you when you need something to hold onto
But how long
How long can I hold on until I’m letting go of myself

I hid the pills again this week
And we go back and forth until I give in
But still there’s something when she speaks
It pulls me down into her earth
I sink in

And I hope her momma can forgive me
Cause I know she’ll never forgive herself

In my mind
We’re stuck in holding patterns
And we try to find the things that matter
But there’s really only so much I can do
Before your whole world cracks
And brings me down too

The light’s gone out again in your eyes
And my hands tremble at the thought of leaving
So I sit in the dark of your night
And hope to hell we make it to the morning

I held on
Held on to you when you need something to hold onto
You’re gone
And I’ve got nothing left

I’ve got nothing left

I think I made another mistake
I fell in love with an earthquake
All in



Written by: Jeremy Burchard and Jennica Scott
Produced by: Jeremy Burchard
Recorded and Mixed in Nashville, TN

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