FOOD REVIEW | Black Owned Challenge: Episode 2 | Germantown Pub

We found a list of Black Owned Restaurants around our city (Nashville, TN) and decided to go to EACH ONE to test, review, and SUPPORT their food. It is going to take a while to complete, but we will go to ALL of them. There are so many more that are NOT on this list that we want to go to!!

We hope to show up at restaurants in OTHER STATES to show SUPPORT in the future!!

Please comment below additional restaurants we should try!!
A few Businesses to check out:

The Ville Apparel (Clothing & Apparel)
Instagram: thevilleappareltn

5FIFTH YEAR DESIGNS (Clothing & Apparel)
Instagram: 5fifthyear

With Purpose (Planners)
Twitter: WithPurposeXO

N0Gas (Clothing & Apparel)
Instagram: n0gaslife

Krowned by Kiya (Nashville, TN based Hair Stylist)
Instagram: krownedbykiya_

Styles Boutique (Nashville, TN based Women’s Clothing & Apparel)
Instagram: stylesboutique615
Facebook: Styles.Btique

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