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This was a fun one. Andrew and I wanted to find a creative way to show you guys our favorite places across Nashville so we picked 15 of our go-to’s (don’t worry, we’ll be making more of these because there are too many places to show you in just one video) and left a 0 gift card at each of the places! It’s now YOUR job to go check out our instagram to see where we left each of those gift card for our fellow Nashvillians.. GOOD LUCK! Also, make sure you are supporting your local favorites during this challenging time, they need our help!

What are some of your favorite places to go to in Nashville? What did we miss!?! Comment down below so we can include it in our next video!

Andrew and I are praying for you and hope everyone is staying safe & healthy. Let us know how we can help by commenting what type of content you would love to see right now, we love hearing from you guys!

Love – The East Fam

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