Brisket-Free Barbecue at Nashville’s Best Rib Spot || Eat Seeker: Peg Leg Porker

There’s more to a dish than what’s served on a plate. A chef’s food can act as a voice to share a story, whether that be a tale of identity crisis or a struggle to find a place in an established cuisine. Eat Seeker delves deeper into the meaning behind the dishes that represent the chef and looks at what motivates their cuisine.

At Peg Leg Porker in Nashville, Tennessee, Pitmaster Carey Bringle is known for two things: his chicken and his pork. Carey is a purist with his pork ribs, smoking the meat with just kosher salt for 3 ½ – 4 hours before he hits them with his dry rub seasoning they’re so well known for. He sticks to the true Tennessean BBQ he grew up eating and smoking with his family. And like Carey says, if you want brisket, go to Texas.

Chas Truslow

Associate Producer
Phoebe Melnick

Grant Townsend, Grant Claire

Morgan Dopp

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Zachary Lapierre

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Ted McGrath

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Track Title: “Pretty Money”
Composer: George Hage

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Composer: Jean-Sebastien Nouveau, Martin Duru

Track Title: “Country Strut”
Composer: David Vanacore, Matt Koskenmaki

Track Title: “Down in the Mud”
Composer: Paul Lenart

Track Title: “Urges”
Composer: Don Black, Alexander Rudd

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