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Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Nashville, USA.
In this Hindi vlog we have shared our Vacation experience where we went to the most amazing and award-winning chef’s Vegetarian Indian restaurant Chauhan Ale & Masala House.

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Chauhan Ale & Masala House is devoted to creating a unique dining experience in Nashville, Tennessee’s bustling food scene. Co-owner and Executive Chef Maneet Chauhan’s Indian roots, zest for travel and affection for Southern cuisine have beautifully collided to offer a menu featuring globally influenced Indian cuisine that highlights aspects of the culinary scene not only in Mumbai or New Delhi, but Nashville as well, perfectly combining Indian fare with traditional Southern dishes.

The food here is really amazing and this is one of the Indian restaurants where you will more Americans as compared to Indians. must go place if you are in Nashville.
We are vegetarians so we have tried their vegetarian options but they have some amazing Non-Vegetarian options as well.
Indian food in the USA is again a blessing.
Our top recommendations for vegetarians are Butter Naan, Dal Makhni and Kadhai Paneer.

Not sure why but we didn’t enjoy the Golgappas much not sure why, but people have really recommended that so hopefully you will enjoy it.

The Restaurant is a bit expensive as compared to other Indian Restaurants in Nashville but yeah this for good quality and dining this is what you have to pay and once you will be there you will realize it’s totally worth it.

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It is an exciting trip as this is the first vacation after a really long time after the covid.
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This is the first part of our Nashville trip in which we have shared out the journey from Los Angeles to Nashville.

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