An Ode To Humanity (Official Video) — Moonlight Social

Hi. Please take care of yourself. And then take care of others. If you can, please consider donating money and/or time to local organizations to fight some of the issues mentioned in this song. Need a few recommendations? These organizations are a great place to start.

The Clean Air Task Force:
National Alliance On Mental Illness:
NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund:
Universal Health Care Action Network:
The Trevor Project:
Planned Parenthood:

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Moonlight Social is a genre-bending music duo (formed by Jeremy Burchard and Jennica Scott) born in Austin, Texas and now based in Nashville, Tennessee.

We make alternative music, which means catchy music sprinkled with influences from rock, pop, progressive country, folk rock, adult contemporary, and other alternative genres. For fans of artists like Matchbox Twenty, Maren Morris, Of Monsters and Men, Fleetwood Mac, and more.

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“An Ode To Humanity” is a sprawling rock opera we wrote, arranged, produced, recorded, and mixed in the bedroom studio. It is meant to capture that whirlwind of emotions we feel as humans, pulled between wanting to do the right thing, trying to make a difference, and feeling guilty for also wanting good things for ourselves. It’s sincere, sarcastic, sad, hopeful, downtrodden, and energetic all at the same time. We hope it makes part of you feel seen and heard.



The planet is dying
And we get colder every day
My best friend can’t
Afford the transplant
They’ve needed since second grade

Your sons and your daughters
Born north of the border
Could still end up in a cage

And if they are lucky
They’ll make it to 18
And struggle their whole life
Just living on minimum wage

This picture gets clearer
On every black mirror
And by all accounts
Nothing should matter
Except breaking patterns
And figuring all of this
Wretched shit out
So why (tell me why, tell me why, tell me why)
Can’t I (why can’t I, why can’t I, why can’t I)
think about

Anyone else but me
Can’t think about anyone else but me
And all of the things I want
All of the things I need
How somebody did me wrong
How terrible it must be

Anyone else but me
Can’t think about anyone else but me (you selfish prick)
I’m trying so damn hard
If fighting with twitter trolls
Counts as trying at all

Don’t get me wrong
I give five dollars a month
To Planned Parenthood
Because the work they do is good
But are my motivations
To mask my hesitations
And make myself feel better
About not doing more?

Anyone else but me
Can’t think about anyone else but me
What is going on? (what)
What the fuck is wrong (the fuck)
With me but not my friends?
Oh there I go again

Anyone else but me
Can’t think about anyone else but me
Why oh why
Can’t I oh I
Think about anybody else

Or maybe, just humor me here —

Maybe this is therapy
Maybe you’re all hearing me
Maybe you feel like I do

This is the oxygen (this is the oxygen)
Falling from the overheard bin (overhead bin)
And I can’t help you
If I can’t first help me too

Is self care so selfish?
Oh ain’t that some real shit
That I feel so guilty
For feeling so human

Come join my world
Come join my world
Come join our world and
Let’s be human



Written by: Jeremy Burchard and Jennica Scott
Produced by: Jeremy Burchard
Recorded and Mixed in Nashville, TN

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