2021 April 18 – 10:45am Worship Service

Thank you for joining us for worship today.

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📚 Chapters
0:00:00 Welcome and Announcements
0:05:40 Song: Holy Water
0:09:40 Welcome and Announcements
0:19:20 Song: Oh Our Lord
0:24:00 Confession and Forgiveness
0:26:50 Song: Living Hope
0:31:50 Apostles Creed
0:32:50 Children’s Message
0:38:00 Prayers
0:40:50 Lord’s Prayer
0:41:40 Scripture Reading: Luke 24.36-49
0:44:40 Song: Tremble
0:47:40 Sermon: How to Battle Doubt
1:08:30 Song: Reckless Love
1:14:00 Go In Peace

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