2020 Drive Thru Thanksgiving| The COVID-19 Year| Social Distancing Thanksgiving

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I am a new lifestyle vlogger based out of Nashville, TN and I’ve recently decided to re-brand my channel with content that will include mom videos and tips, marriage videos and tips, interior decoration tips, my Loc Journey, and my music! I’ve been on Youtube on and off for about 4 years, and I stopped after building my house and having my 3rd child because life got CRAZY!!!! Since then, I’ve found time to start working at my channel again and I’m excited about my future! If your interested in my diary and more content to come, be sure to subscribe and share!!

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“Get to Know Me Tag 2017”

“Meet My Kids”

“My Crazy Labor Story| Carson”

“My Scary Labor Story| Myles”

“A Day In The Life| Stay At Home Mom”

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