What Is The Cost Of Living In Nashville; Is Nashville Affordable?

What is the cost of living in Nashville Tenn? Is Nashville an affordable place to live now that everyone it seems is flocking here from all across the country? This video explores the factors that go into the “cost of living” with a “cost of living calculator ” that measures the cost of housing, taxes, healthcare, transportation and food in each city and compares it to another city in the same career to see which is the more affordable place to live… just how far will your money go!!

Tennessee, with no state income tax, phasing out dividend income tax for retirees, and no estate taxes is now one of the top 7 states to retire to in 2019. See we how Boston, Mass. Dallas, Texas, Louisville, Kentucky and Los Angeles,Calif stack up against Nashville,Tennessee using the “cost of living calculator” to see if Nashville is affordable … then check out your own city using the cost of living calculator to see how your city stacks up against Nashville,Tenn.
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