Riding a Bird Scooter in Nashville, TN 4k

I visited Nashville, Tennessee for the 2019 NFL draft. The first thing I noticed was the amount of scooters all over Downtown. I quickly realized it was a service the City of Nashville had to offer.

Bird Scooters are sharable electric scooters that are left all over the city. You download the Bird app, input your credit card information and you are good to go! You can ride them wherever you want and leave them wherever you want.

The Bird Scooter is a highly debatable subject. Some cities are suing trying to get them banned. From my perspective, it gave me an opportunity to see Nashville, TN in a short amount of time.

I feel as though I got to explore the entire city quickly. I had lots of interactions with people having questions about the scooter.

Nashville Tennessee is an amazing underrated city. It is by far the most impressive city that I have been too.

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