In less than one week, more than a half million people in Tennessee have early voted. In Davidson County, polling locations are averaging about 10,000 voters a day.

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  • Autoline After Hours

    TOPICS: Corvette C8, Doctor Data, Lordstown Closes, Geneva Opens and Volvo Limits PANEL: Don Sherman, Freelance Peter DeLorenzo, Gary Vasilash, AD and P John McElroy,

  • The Advocate | Baton Rouge, Louisiana Breaking News ...

    Reports of sex, contraband smuggling, more at Angola as 7 employees resign, 4 arrested so far Hiring of LSU athlete's parent part of Our Lady of the Lake, John Paul Funes embezzlement probe

  • Book Review: Seeing Like A State | Slate Star Codex

    I. Seeing Like A State is the book G.K. Chesterton would have written if he had gone into economic history instead of literature. Since he didn’t, James Scott had to write it a century later. The wait was worth it. Scott starts with the story of “scientific forestry” in 18th century Prussia.


    We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

  • Dark Left Starting Soft Civil War – Kevin Shipp

    By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release). Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says, “I would say we are in a soft civil war, and the ones that are starting this civil war, and they have gotten more aggressive almost by the day, they are what you call the “Dark Left.”

  • How much do Uber drivers make in 2019? • Alvia

    How much do Uber drivers make and How much do Uber drivers make in 2019?? You will find the answer to these questions and more here, but let me back up a little bit: Before I started driving for Uber, I was making $9 an hour at a minimum wage job.

  • Do you watch House Hunters on HGTV? - the Data Lounge

    Those are some of the most spoiled and entitled people I have ever seen in my life.The ones with a high budget are always going on an on about things that don't matter to anyone else, such as vaulted ...

  • Government & Politics News | The Kansas City Star

    Huge Islamic center planned for south Overland Park. Neighbors aren’t happy The Overland Park Planning Commission unanimously approved a 110,876-square-foot Islamic center.

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